About Us

Texas Carry Academy is a division of Point Blank CHL. We are certified by the Texas Department of Public Safety to offer the Texas online license to carry class statewide. Texas LTC instructors across the state have partnered with Texas Carry Academy to offer the online Texas license to carry class. We are the approved statewide provider.

License To Carry

To get your Texas license to carry you must take the official Texas LTC class, you can now take this class online from the comfort of your home. Our online Texas license to carry course is self paced and can be accessed 24/7 on any device including a laptop, tablet and even your smartphone.

There is no need to sit in a crowded classroom on a Saturday anymore. Anyone from anywhere in Texas can take our online LTC class to get certified for their Texas license to carry. Our course is so easy that we have a pass guarantee. No need to put it off any longer, you can get started now.

Shooting Portion

After you complete our online LTC course you simply use a local LTC instructor in your area to complete the shooting portion. We provide all of our online students with an instructor locator to find a local instructor in your area.

If you took our online course from one of our providers you will automatically be referred back to them for the range instruction/shooting portion.