Does Texas Have Permitless Carry?

Texas has limited permitless carry. The permitless carry bill is full of restrictions so you are better off just getting your Texas LTC.

Who Is Exempt From The Shooting Portion ?

There are certain people who only need the online class portion of the Texas license to carry class to get a Texas license to carry. The people listed below are exempt from the shooting portion of the class.

  • Texas State correctional officers (CO’s) are automatically exempt from the shooting portion.
  • Active duty military or veterans that have proof of firearms familiarization training OR shooting scores dated within the past 10 years.
  • County jailers who have proof of firearms training as part of their employment.

How do I find a local instructor for the shooting portion ?

After you complete our online class, you can use our instructor locator to find a local instructor in your area. Visit instructor locator.

What address do I mail my class form to ?

After you submit your online application, you may mail your certificate of training from class and other documents if any, to the address below.  You may also upload them and send them online using this link : email documents. The preferred method is to upload them.

Choose one option. Do not do both.



Texas Department of Public Safety
Handgun Licensing – MSC 0245
PO Box 4087
Austin, TX 78773-0001

Phone: 1-512-424-7293

Do I have to be a Texas resident to get a Texas LTC ?

No. Texas will issue a Texas LTC (license to carry) to anyone who has a valid drivers license or State ID issued by any one of the 50 States. It’s very easy to get a license to carry in Texas.

What is the number to the DPS handgun licensing division ?

The Texas Department of Public Safety handgun licensing division is located in Austin. You may call them if you have problems with their website or to check the status of your application or for any other questions you may have. The number is 1-512-424-7293.

How Do I apply For My Texas LTC?

We recommend waiting until after your class to apply for your Texas LTC because we cover the Texas LTC application process in class. Your license to carry application is submitted on the DPS website at submit online application.  After you submit your Texas LTC application online, they will email you a copy of the checklist . Your checklist will have instructions on how to schedule your fingerprint appointment and what documents you have to submit to the DPS.  Make sure you submit your documents. You can mail your documents to them using the address below or you can upload your documents to them here:  upload supporting documents. The preferred method is to upload them. Those with a out of State drivers license or ID will also have to submit form LTC-6 which you can get HERE. 

Texas Department of Public Safety
Handgun Licensing – MSC 0245
PO Box 4087
Austin, TX 78773-0001

Phone: 1-512-424-7293

Where Do I Get My Fingerprints Done?

You must submit your online LTC application  before scheduling your fingerprint appointment.

Unscheduled walk-in service is NOT available. To schedule an appointment at a time and location convenient to you, use one of the following methods:

  1. Visit Fingerprinting Services, please use Service Code: 119Q91 OR
  2. Call (888) 467-2080 and provide Service Code: 119Q91

Do I need a license to open carry in Texas ?

Yes. The Texas open carry law that passed allows a license holder the option to carry open or concealed. You can NOT carry a handgun open or concealed in Texas without a license.

Can I take the LTC class if I am under 21 ?

Yes, as long as you turn 21 within two years of the class date. You may take the class but you will have to wait until you turn 21 before submitting your online application. Active duty military at least 18 years of age can take the class, apply and recieve their  license to carry at 18 years of age.