Terms and Conditions

Refund Policy

We have a no refund policy. Once a course is purchased you have immediate access to the paid information so that is why we have a no refund policy. No exceptions are made, purchases are final. Our course is so easy that everyone should pass with ease.

Course Access

You will have 6 months access to complete the 4 hour course and download your certificate of training. After 6 months you will no longer have access to the website login or course.

Privacy Policy

We do not give or sell any of your info to a 3rd party and we do not use any of your info to spam you with advertising. You will only receive 2 emails with your info when you enroll and 1 email when you pass the course. We do not keep your info stored after you finish the course and we do NOT put you on a mailing list.

Personal Information

The information we collect from you like your name and drivers license number is required by the State of Texas because it has to be on your certificate of training. This information is only used to complete your certificate of training and is not shared or used for any other purpose. It is also only stored on our website until your class is complete and your certificate is issued. Once complete the course all of your info is deleted.

Website Security

Our website uses the latest security software available. Your information is not stored or shared to third party applications. The state of Texas also requires that we maintain a safe and secure website. We use the best security software available on our website.

Payment Security

When you make a payment on our website, your payment information and security is actually handled by Stripe. Stripe uses industry leading payment security. Stripe is so secure that it is also used to process payments for Amazon, Google, Lyft, instacart, Zoom, Shopify, Salesforce and many other top companies in the United States. This is why we also use Stripe to process payments made on our website.