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USCCA Instructor Course

USCCA Instructor Course

The USCCA instructor course is a two day course that certifies you as a nationally certified firearms instructor. It’s the certification needed to teach concealed and open carry classes in many States. In Texas, it meets the prerequisite requirement needed to become a Texas License to carry (LTC) instructor.

Becoming a USCCA certified instructor also allows you to teach several professional courses without having to receive multiple instructor certifications like “others” require. All you have to do is purchase “toolkits” for these courses and the toolkits contain professional power points and class materials to teach all the classes below.

  • Concealed/open carry
  • Home Defense
  • Basic Pistol
  • Gun Shot Wound/First Aid
  • Mass Shooter (active shooter)

USCCA Certification And Texas LTC

Most people take our USCCA instructor course so they can get certified to teach the Texas license to carry class. People from all across Texas travel here to take our USCCA course so they can meet the prerequisite requirement to become certified Texas license to carry instructors.

They make the trip to take the course with us because we offer something no one else can, we have a system that allows you to offer the ONLINE Texas license to carry class. We provide this at no cost to all of our USCCA instructor students. This is a HUGE benefit that we give our instructor students.

Because of the strict requirements most instructors do NOT qualify to offer the ONLINE Texas LTC class BUT we are State approved ONLINE course providers and we came up with a custom system that will allow you to offer the official online Texas LTC class through us. Now you know why people travel across Texas to take our instructor course.