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Texas Permitless Carry Course

Texas Permitless Carry Course

Start Carrying Now!

No License Needed!

Texas pertmitless carry is here! exciting right? We put together an online permitless carry course that will teach you everything yo need to know to have peace of mind when carrying without a license.

We put together an online course that covers all the permitless carry laws in depth, more than any of the “guides” that have been put out. We actually cover all the details of the laws and explain them.

Most people don’t understand that there are strict legal requirements and certain laws people must follow if they carry without a license in Texas. They even increased the penalty for those who permitless carry but don’t meet the legal requirements. Our course covers all of this for only $39.

If you ever decide to get your license in the future, we will credit you the $39 you payed for this course to our online LTC class. So you have nothing to lose.

Permitless Carry

It’s great that more Texans will be able to carry without a license but it’s super important that you know and understand the laws and restrictions that apply to permitless carry. We make it easy with our 30 min online course!

We are Texas Department of Public Safety instructors. Our online permitless carry course teaches you everything you need to know to feel confident when carrying in Texas without a LTC. 

You will learn the laws, restrictions and requirements to keep you out of trouble. Carrying without a license has a few differences compared to carrying with a license. We cover these plus a lot more including when you can actually use deadly force.

$39 Permitless Carry Course

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For Ages 18 or older

Join thousands of students all across Texas.