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Texas Open & Concealed Carry

Texas Open & Concealed Carry

Texas open & concealed carry requirements are pretty basic. You need a Texas License to carry to be able to carry open our concealed, you can NOT carry at all without the license.

The good news is anyone can Take the official Texas state course to get the license online now. You no longer have to sit in a crowded classroom on Saturday, Texas has approved online training for the license.

Open & Concealed Carry

Texas open & concealed carry laws are exactly the same. Any place you can conceal carry you can also open carry except one, collage campus carry is concealed only. Other than that they follow the same exact laws when it comes to carrying.

Businesses that want to prohibit carry in their business will have to post two separate signs, one for open carry and one for concealed carry. You will learn about the signs in the online class.

Online LTC Class

The online LTC course required to get your Texas carry license is super easy, everyone passes it. We even have a pass guarantee. The online course is four hours long but you can take it at your own pace.

It also works on all devices including your laptop, desktop, tablet and even your smartphone. You can download your certificate of training (LTC101) immediately after you complete the course.

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