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Texas Online Carry Course

Texas Online Carry Course

This Texas online carry course is the course needed to get you Texas license to carry. The Texas LTC also allows you to carry in 37 other states. It’s the most recognized carry license in the United States.

The Texas legislature passed so called “permit-less carry” that will take effect by the end of the year. The problem is that it is “limited” so you can NOT carry in all the same places as you can with a LTC.

With “permit-less carry” you can’t carry in a school zone (not even in your vehicle), you can’t carry at a college campus, you can’t carry in a restaurant (place that sells alcohol) and it takes away the criminal trespass protection that you get when you have a LTC.

So while we will soon have a form of “permit-less carry in Texas it is super limited and you are way better off with a Texas LTC. That’s why we made it super easy to get certified for your Texas license to carry with our online LTC course.

Benefits of a Texas LTC

  • Carry in more places
  • Campus carry
  • Carry in restaurant’s (places that sell alcohol)
  • Carry in school zones
  • Bypass background check when buying guns
  • Criminal trespass protection
  • Carry in federal parks
  • Carry in 37 states
  • Learn the carry laws

Texas LTC Age Requirement

Anyone 18 years of age or older can now get a Texas license to carry. No special conditions needed. As long as you are 18 or older you qualify for a Texas license to carry and will receive full carry rights. Just take our online LTC class to get certified.

Texas Online LTC Course

Our online Texas LTC class is approved statewide by the Texas Department of Public Safety. We made our course so easy that we have a pass guarantee! Everyone will pass our online LTC class.

Our course is 4 hours long as required by state law but you can take it at your own pace. It saves your progress and you can even bluetooth it while in your car. Take it anywhere, anytime 24/7.

It works on all devices including your smartphone! Carry without having to worry about restrictions and gain the ability to carry almost everywhere. Ready to get started? Click below.

Don't Put it off

For Ages 18 or older

Join thousands of students all across Texas.