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Texas LTC Online Course

Texas LTC Online Course

Texas LTC Online Course: Fast Track Your LTC

Living in Texas means freedom, and that includes the freedom to carry a concealed or open handgun for self-defense. But before you strap on a holster, you need a Texas License To Carry (LTC). Traditionally, this meant spending hours in a classroom. But what if you could get your LTC on your own schedule, from the comfort of your own home? Enter the Texas LTC Online Course!

Why Choose an Online LTC Class?

  • Flexibility is King: Juggling work, family, and life? No problem! Learn at your own pace, whenever you have a free moment.
  • Fast Track Your LTC: Skip the in-person classroom and potentially get started on your LTC application sooner.
  • Convenience Reigns Supreme: No need to travel or fight traffic. Learn from the comfort of your couch in your pajamas (although pants are probably recommended!).

Learning on Your Terms:

Our Texas DPS-approved online LTC course cover everything you need to know, including:

  • Firearm safety and operation: Learn how to handle your handgun safely and responsibly.
  • Texas law and use of force: Understand your rights and responsibilities when carrying a concealed handgun.
  • De-escalation techniques: Learn how to avoid a confrontation in the first place.
  • Carrying and storage: Discover safe and legal ways to carry and store your handgun.
  • Civil liability: Understand the legal implications of using your firearm in self-defense.

Finding the Perfect Course:

Here at Texas Carry Academy we take pride in being rated the best online course in Texas.

  • Easy to understand: We created our online LTC course on a basic level so it’s easy for everyone to understand. That’s why we have a pass guarantee.
  • Works on all devices: Our course works on all devices including your smartphone.
  • Texas DPS approved: We are approved by the Texas Department of Public Safety as online course providers.

Benefits of a LTC

There are several benefits to having a Texas License to Carry (LTC), even with the recent law change allowing constitutional carry. Here are some of the key advantages:

  • More Places to Carry: An LTC allows you to carry concealed in some places that are off-limits to those carrying without a license. This includes businesses that choose to allow it, certain government buildings, nursing homes, hospitals, amusement parks and within 1,000 feet of a school (for dropping off or picking up children).
  • Trespass Protection: An LTC provides trespass protection when carry past certain (no carry) signs. With an LTC you must be givin the oppotunity to leave the premises before you are in violation of the law.
  • Reciprocity with Other States: A Texas LTC is recognized by a large number of other states, allowing you to legally carry a concealed handgun while traveling. This can be a major benefit for those who travel outside of Texas.
  • Expedited Firearm Purchases: Having an LTC can streamline the background check process when purchasing a firearm from a licensed dealer. They dealer is not required to run a NICS background check.
  • Legal Protection: An LTC demonstrates that you have undergone firearms training and education on Texas gun laws. This can be helpful in a self-defense situation, potentially offering some legal advantages.
  • School Employee Rights: For employees of school districts, an LTC grants the right to store a concealed firearm and ammunition in a locked vehicle parked on school grounds. School districts in Texas can not prohibit this.
  • College Campus Carry: An LTC allows you to carry on the campus of a college including inside buildings and classrooms.
  • Knowledge and Responsibility: The LTC application process includes mandatory education on firearms safety and the law. This can make you a more responsible and informed gun owner.

It’s important to note that even though Texas has constitutional carry, an LTC offers these additional benefits and may be a good option for many gun owners.

LTC-104 Certificate of Training

As soon as you complete our online course you can instantly download your LTC-104 certificate of training. This is the official DPS certificate needed to apply for your Texas license to carry. The LTC-104 form replaces the old LTC-100 and LTC-101. Our course will guide you step by step through the application process.

Get Certified Today:

A Texas LTC online course is a convenient and effective way to gain the knowledge and skills you need to carry a concealed handgun responsibly. Take charge of your self-defense and get started on your LTC journey today!

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