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Texas LTC Instructor

Texas LTC Instructor

Are you ready to become a Texas LTC instructor? Texas license to carry instructors are needed in every city in Texas. Anyone wanting to get a license to carry must take a class from a Texas LTC Instructor. You can make great money part time as a Texas license to carry instructor. When we first started we were making a “full time” income only holding a class one day a week.

Becoming A Certified Instructor

Anyone can become a LTC instructor BUT to be accepted in the State instructor course you must already have a NRA instructor certification. That’s what we do. People from all over Texas come to our NRA certified instructors course so they can become Texas LTC instructors. The NRA national instructor certification is the prerequisite requirement by Texas law to become a LTC instructor in Texas.

The reason people travel from all across Texas to take our instructor course is because we do something no other place in Texas can do. We set you up to offer the ONLINE Texas LTC course. With our system you don’t need to be approved by DPS and you can start immediately.

Steps To Become A LTC Instructor

Step one:

Take our NRA certified instructors course. People come from all across Texas to take our NRA instructors course so make sure you register for our next one. We only hold this course once every few months and they fill up fast. This is a three day course because it includes all required prerequisites, ONE STOP SHOP and once you complete it you will be a NRA certified instructor and meet the requirement to become a Texas LTC instructor. We will have you certified in 3 days, easy.

Step two:

After you complete our NRA instructor course you will be ready and qualified to take the DPS LTC instructor course. In our class we will give you the documents needed to enroll in the State’s LTC instructor course along with everything you need. This course is only two and a half days long and is held at the DPS training center in Florence, Texas. This course is also a very easy and basic course.


People travel from all over to take our instructor course because we offer something no one else can. We have a DPS approved system that will allow you to offer the ONLINE Texas LTC class without being approved by DPS.

Under our system you will be able to immediately offer the Texas online LTC class, an online permitless carry class and several other online firearms courses. We have instructors that make thousands WEEKLY selling online courses.

We give you a custom website page branded to you that has all the courses available for you to sell right away. All of this is at NO COST to you. You will be able to sell the official online Texas LTC class, online permitless carry class, online basic handgun classonline handgun maintenance class and more! We set you up with all of this for FREE!

Permitless Carry

Since permitless carry passed in Texas all of our online courses increased 300%, it’s crazy. We put you in the online training business for FREE! It will be the biggest money maker in your business! NO OTHER INSTRUCTOR COURSE IN TEXAS CAN PUT YOU IN THE ONLINE TRAINING BUSINESS AND WE DO IT AT NO COST TO YOU.

Don't Put it off

For Ages 18 or older

Join thousands of students all across Texas.