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Texas LTC Class Cost

Texas LTC Class Cost

The average Texas LTC Class cost is $85 for the “in person” class. This may vary across Texas because there is no set standard by the state, instructors set their own class fee. The Texas license to carry class is taught by DPS certified instructors but these instructors run a firearms training business. The state gives them the freedom to set their own fees.

Online LTC Class Cost

The average cost for the online Texas LTC class is $50. Instructors also set their own fees when it comes to the online Texas license to carry class. The online class is how most people take the class these days, few take it in person anymore. The online LTC class is cheaper and can be taken at your own pace from home.

LTC License Fee Cost

Separate from your class fee you will also pay a state fee for the 5 year license. The standard state license fee is $40. This is paid directly to the Texas DPS as part of your application for your Texas license to carry.

LTC Fingerprint Fee

The LTC fingerprint fee is $10. The online course will cover how to schedule your fingerprint appointment and the $10 fee will be paid to the company who takes your fingerprints.

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