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Texas License To Carry Online

Texas License To Carry Online

The Texas license to carry online course is the course needed to get your Texas license to carry a handgun. It is the state official course that has replaced the need to take the out dated in person classes. While the in person classes are still available, most people take the online course.

The online LTC course is popular because it can be taken anytime from anywhere and at your own pace. Since it is self paced, you can take a little bit at a time or all at once. It is on a basic level so there is no need to study before taking the course. It is rare that anyone ever fails the course, it’s that easy.

Texas License To Carry

The reason people still get the Texas LTC is because it gets rid of all the restrictions that come with carrying without a license. The LTC provides legal protections and it allows people to carry in more places including 36 other states when traveling. Texas DPS recommends getting the license to anyone who wants to carry a handgun in Texas.

The Texas license to carry online course makes it easy for anyone to get certified to carry a handgun in Texas. It’s a one time course, after you complete the course you just renew online every five years without having to take another course.

Reasons To Get A Texas LTC

There are a lot of reasons why getting a Texas license to carry is a good idea. It gets rid of so many restrictions and allows you to carry in more places with trespass protections. Some of the benefits include:

  • Trespass Protection: The license allows you to carry past “no gun” signs without any penalties. With constitutional carry you do not have this protection and would get charged.
  • Carry in More Places: Having a license allows you to carry in a lot more places. Without a license you are restricted from carrying in a lot of places.
  • Legal Protection: A license to carry provides legal protections including felony protections that you will not get under constitutional carry.
  • School Zone Carry: Without a license to carry you can not even have a handgun in your vehicle on school property. Not even just picking up your kid.
  • Campus Carry: College campus carry is only allowed for those who have a license.
  • Carry in 37 States: The Texas license to carry allows you to carry in 37 states, you can only do this with a license.
  • Peace of Mind: Having a Texas license to carry gives you peace of mind while carrying.
  • Much More: I could go on and on but as you see, it is worth getting a Texas license to carry.

The LTC Course

The Texas license to carry online class is super easy and fun. It is available 24/7 and you can even take it on your smartphone. It’s self paced so you can take it a little at a time or all at once. Progress is saved so when you logout and log back in you pick up right where you left off.

This is the official Texas license to carry online class. This class is approved statewide by the Texas Department of Public Safety. Our online LTC class is so easy we have a pass guarantee. We made the course easy for everyone to understand.

Texas LTC Application Process

The class will cover the application process step by step in details but it’s easy and fast. The license to carry application is now completed online, no more paper applications. The application is completed online on the DPS website. The online class will walk you step by step and provide you with direct links to complete your application.

Certificate of Training

Your certificate of training will be available to download instantly after completing the online LTC class. The certificate of training is required to get the Texas license to carry, you will simply upload a copy of your certificate on the DPS website after you apply. Just follow the simple instructions in the course. We guide you step by step.

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