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Texas Gun License

Texas Gun License

A Texas gun license is the license that allows you to carry without restrictions in more places. It’s also called a Texas license to carry or “LTC” for short. Without the license you must follow so many restrictions and rules that don’t exist when you have a license.

The license is so easy to get that everyone who carries should have a Texas gun license. It also comes with a ton of other benefits that we will cover below. To get the license you just take the official DPS approved online course then submit an online application. It’s that easy.

Texas Gun License Class

The class is super easy and can be taken online anytime from the comfort of your home. It is a self paced course and your progress is saved so you can take it at your own pace.

It also works on your smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop. You can even bluetooth it to your car and take it while you are driving. It has a visual aspect but it can also be taken with audio only. We are the only online course provider who has the course set up like this.


The gun license application process is now completely online, you no longer have any papers to fill out or send in. It is completed on the Texas DPS website. The course will provide you all of the details to complete your online application for the Texas gun license. The fist step is to complete the online course.

Once you complete the online course you will be provided with direct links to apply and the course will guide you step by step through the simple process. Once you receive your license you will never have to take the class again. You simple renew your license online every five years.


The benefits of having a Texas gun license make it worth getting. They include trespass protection, school zone carry, campus carry, carry in 37 states, carry past “no gun” signs and on and on. Those that carry with a license have a peace of mind knowing they are exempt from all the unlicensed regulations. Get certified for your license online fast and easy.

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