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Texas DPS Certified LTC Class

Texas DPS Certified LTC Class

The Texas DPS certified LTC Class is now available online. This is the class needed to get a Texas license to carry. The official Texas LTC class online is available to everyone in Texas regardless of what city you live in. The state of Texas has made it easy to get your Texas LTC.

This course is certified and approved by the Texas Department of Public Safety. It works on all devices such as your smartphone, tablet or any computer. Your course progress is saved so you can take it at your own pace. it is available 24/7 from the comfort of your home. You no longer need to sit in a classroom full of people.

Certified LTC Class

The online LTC class is on a basic level and easy to pass. Everything is broken down in a way that is easy to understand. Upon completion of the course you will be able to instantly download your official Texas DPS certified LTC class certificate of training (LTC101. This is the certificate DPS needs to process and issue your Texas license to carry.

The course will teach you everything you need to know to apply for your LTC on the Texas DPS website. It’s all done online and the course will walk you through it. The first step is taking the LTC course and it will cover the rest.

Why Get A Texas LTC?

With a Texas license to carry you will be able to carry in more places with fewer restrictions. It also provides you with trespass protection and other legal protections not to mention the ability to carry in 37 states. Having the license also gives you peace of mind when carrying in public.

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For Ages 18 or older

Join thousands of students all across Texas.