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Texas Constitutional Carry

Ready to carry without a permit? Texas constitutional carry allows certain people to carry in Texas without a license. There are a few restrictions and laws that are not exactly the same as those carrying with a license to carry.

We put together a 30 min Texas constitutional carry course that will teach you everything you need to know to start carrying TODAY without a license in Texas. Our course is ONLY $39.

Constitutional carry is great and it will give people who don’t have the time or money to get a LTC the ability to carry without one BUT it does come with laws, restrictions and rules that you must know before you carry so you don’t end up in trouble.

Constitutional Carry Course

Our ONLINE constitutional carry course is taught by Texas Department of Public Safety instructors. We teach you everything you need to know to feel confident carrying without a license and to keep you out of trouble. We cover all the rules, laws, restrictions and regulations in a short 30 min course for only $39.

We also cover the Texas use of force and deadly force laws as well as the laws that govern protecting your property in Texas. These are also must know laws before you carry. Our course is easy for everyone to understand.






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