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Texas Concealed Handgun License

Texas concealed handgun license

Texas concealed handgun license or CHL is now called the Texas license to carry or LTC. It’s the same license but the name was changed because now it allows you to carry open or concealed in Texas. Even though the name was changed most still call it a concealed handgun license in Texas.

Texas has made it super easy to get your Texas license to carry. You can now take the official DPS required CHL class online. People no longer have to sit in a crowded classroom all day. You can take the official Texas LTC class online at your own pace.

Is The Texas LTC Class Easy

The online class is super easy and is only four hours long but can be taken at your own pace 24/7. It consist of videos and a easy quiz at the end. the quiz is 25 questions and they are all true/false and multiple choice. We guarantee you will pass our online class.

The class will cover everything you need to know about Texas carry laws and where you can and can’t carry. It also covers the application process in detail. It’s all done online now. Our online class makes the whole process easy.

There is no reason to wait any longer. The Texas license also allows you to carry in 37 States total. It is now one of the most recognized permits you can get to assure you can carry in most States when you travel.

Texas Handgun License Application

The Texas handgun license application is submitted online on the DPS website. There is no longer a paper application. The online LTC course will cover the application process step by step. Before applying for your Texas handgun license you should take the class first.

After you submit your application, you will also upload your certificate of training online on the DPS website. The course will provide you with this link, you will also receive the upload link when you apply.

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