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Texas Concealed Carry

Texas Concealed Carry

Texas concealed carry and open carry laws vary depending on if you carry with or without a license. Texas has “permitless carry” but they also still issue a license to carry that does provide additional benefits.

How ever you choose to carry, we have an online course for you. It’s important to understand the laws, requirements and regulation when carry with or without a license.

Permitless Carry Class

Our ONLINE permitless carry class teaches you everything you need to know to start carrying today. We cover all the legal requirements, regulations and laws that you must know before you carry without a license. We make is easy for you to start carrying today!

License To Carry

If you decide to get a Texas license to carry our online LTC course is approved statewide by Texas DPS. Our online course to get your license is super easy and we have a pass guarantee.

We are Texas DPS license to carry instructors. We are also Texas state certified online course providers. Our online courses are approved statewide by the Texas department of public safety.

Don't Put it off

For Ages 18 or older

Join thousands of students all across Texas.