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Texas CHL Class

Texas CHL Class

The Texas CHL class is the class required to get your Texas license to carry. The class is now available online statewide, there is no longer a need to take the class in person. Although people call it various names like Texas CHL, concealed handgun license, Texas LTC, license to carry, they all are talking about the same thing.

Texas CHL Class

The online Texas CHL class is the easiest way to get certified. You can take it at your own pace 24/7 from the comfort of your own home. The class is approved statewide by the Texas DPS. You can take this online class regardless of what city you live in. We also have a pass guarantee, our class is that easy.

It works on your desktop, laptop, tablet and even your smartphone. Your progress is saved so you can logout and pick right back up where you left off when you login again. We guarantee that you will pass our course. We make it easy for everyone to understand.

Certificate of Training

You will be able to instantly download your certificate of training as soon as you complete the class. This is the certificate that is required when you submit your application to the state. The application process is also online and we cover it step by step in the course. The whole entire process is fast and easy.

Don't Put it off

For Ages 18 or older

Join thousands of students all across Texas.