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Self Defense Insurance

If you carry a gun you need self defense insurance and we recommend Right To Bear for legal self defense coverage. They have the best nationwide coverage and the most affordable cost. With our special link below, coverage is only $13 a month.

We don’t take it lightly when we recommend anything, we only recommend something if we use it ourselves. All of us and our family members have Right To Bear and have for years. We absolutely love them. You can’t get better self defense insurance.

Whats Included

  • 24/7/365 Attorney-Answered Emergency Hotline
  • Unlimited attorney fees covered
  • Unlimited civil & criminal defense coverage
  • Appeals covered
  • All weapons are covered
  • Accidental discharges covered
  • Firearm replacement covered
  • Expert witness covered
  • Bail Bonds (add on)
  • All 50 states covered “add on)
  • Minor children (add on)
  • Peace of mind
  • All this for only $13 a month or $145 yearly

Imagine Having All Attorney Fees Covered

Your membership will stand with you throughout the full legal process. In some cases, the “nightmare” doesn’t end with your acquittal in criminal court – there may be appeals, retrials, or even a civil lawsuit brought against you. Uniquely, your Right To Bear membership is with you in both criminal and civil court with no out-of-pocket expenses beyond the membership fee.


Building your case to win in court is a long and typically expensive undertaking. However, with your Right To Bear membership, you won’t pay a penny more than your membership fee. No matter how many hours, days or whatever time it takes to defend your liberties in the courtroom, we will have your back – no limits. And there’s no cap to the amount of money we will spend to defend you.

Ready To Join?

Using our special rate link below, coverage is only $13 a month. Save even more by using discount code: PointBlank (as one word) on the final checkout page. Get protected today!

self defense insurance

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