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Reciprocity Texas License To Carry

Reciprocity Texas License To Carry

Texas license to carry reciprocity allows you to carry in multiple states. It is one of the most recognized carry license you can get. It allows you to carry in a total of 37 states when traveling. This is one of the benefits people get the license to carry for. It makes it easy when traveling outside of Texas.

The state of Texas enters into reciprocity agreements with other states. This means that these states honor the Texas LTC just like they do their own and Texas does the same for them. This makes traveling to these states easy because you know you can carry your handgun in these states.

Texas Reciprocity Map

Below is the reciprocity map for the Texas LTC. With the Texas license you can carry in all the green states on the map. Residents of those states can also carry here in Texas. Not only can you travel in those states with a handgun in your vehicle, you can also carry the handgun on your person in all the green states.

The above map shows the reciprocity the Texas license to carry had at the time this post was made. It could change some in the future but it’s unlikely that any of these green states will change. These green states are pretty solid with their reciprocity for the Texas license to carry and I don’t see Texas changing either.

Texas LTC Resiprocity

Are you interested in having reciprocity with all these other states and having all the other benefits that come with having a Texas license to carry. You can get the Texas LTC by simply taking the official Texas LTC class online at your own pace. Get stared below.

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