Kinetic Concepts Constitutional Carry Course


This course will teach you everything you need to know to carry in Texas without a license. Learn all the laws, restrictions and regulations that come with carrying without a license so you can carry with peace of mind. 

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Kinetic Concepts is a Houston based tactical and firearms training company who provides Law Enforcment and civilians firearms training. Kinetic Concepts gives students the information they need to become proficient, accurate, and confident shooters. The mission of Kinetic Concepts is to provide the foundational and fundamental skills that are required to dominate violent encounters. 

Kinetic Concepts also offers online License to Carry (LTC) instruction which allows citizens to complete the classroom portion of their LTC online. Students can then complete the shooting test anywhere in the state of Texas with a certified instructor. Kinetic Concepts also offers online constitutional carry and a License to Carry (LTC) refresher course online.