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This is the official class needed to get your Texas license to carry. This course is approved by the Texas Department of Public Safety statewide. Anyone from anywhere in Texas can take this course.



Texas Online License To Carry

Get certified online for your Texas license to carry. Our Texas online license to carry class is the official online Texas LTC class certified by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

We make it easy to get your Texas license to carry. Unlike others, our
online class is easy and we break everything down so it’s easy for
everyone to understand. We also assist you in finding a local LTC
instructor in your area to complete the shooting portion after you take
our online LTC class.

You can take our license to carry class from the comfort of your your
own home or anywhere else for that matter, 24/7 at your own pace and on
your own schedule. No more spending all day on a Saturday sitting in a
crowded classroom. Our online class is available to everyone regardless
of where you live in Texas. Our online Texas LTC class is certified

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Defensive LTC is committed to providing quality firearms training to responsible persons who choose to exercise their second amendment right. Whether you are a new gun owner wanting to learn the basics of firearms or an experienced shooter we are here to help you grow in your confidence and ability to help you perform to the best of your ability.