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Online License To Carry

Online License To Carry

The official online license to carry course. Are you looking to get your Texas license to carry?

Texas now allows online LTC classes. Our online course is approved statewide and we are Texas DPS certified LTC instructors.

Don’t wait any longer, you can get certified online at your own pace. Our online LTC class works on all devices including your smartphone.

We made our course so easy that we have a pass guarantee. We break down Texas law so it’s easy for everyone to understand.

Shooting Portion

The shooting portion will be completed by a local instructor in your area. In our course you will get access to our instructor locator.

Finding a local instructor in your area is easy, we take care of that for you.

Online License To Carry

Ready to join thousands of Texans getting certified online? Hit the link below to get started.

Online LTC Class Price

Only $49 if you enroll today, usually $60.

Don't Put it off

For Ages 18 or older

Join thousands of students all across Texas.