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NRA Pistol Instructor Course

NRA Pistol Instructor Course

Our NRA pistol instructor course brings in people from all across Texas. We are the number one instructor training center in Texas. The NRA Pistol instructor certification is required by state law to become a Texas License to carry instructor. It’s also required in many other states.

We include all of the required prerequisites in this course so you don’t need to have anything else before attending. Anyone can become an instructor, this course is basic and no previous experience is needed. We teach you everything you need to know. It’s easy.

Why Our Instructor Course?

We provide things you can not get in any other instructor course, this is why people travel from all across Texas to take our NRA Pistol instructor course. We put you in the instructor business on day one of the course. We give you the ability to start making money right away. Below are the things we provide that no one else can.

  • The ability to offer the Texas online LTC class on day one. Our system is DPS approved and allows you to offer the official online LTC class immediately.
  • You will learn the magic we use to earn passive income. We receive thousands of dollars a month in passive income.
  • We set you up with a company to get you a custom website up and running at a low cost. A website is the heart of your business and is needed to set up the passive income machine and to book classes.
  • We give you our business blueprint and all of our tactics so you don’t have to learn the hard way and lose money.

NRA Instructor Course

Our three day instructor course is $350 but it includes ALL NRA required prerequisites (one stop shop), if you already have some of them you may not have to attend all 3 days and will recieve a discount. Check out the schedule below to see what days you must attend:

DAY ONE (FRIDAY) – BIT (basic instructor training). If you have taken the BIT within the past 2 years, you do NOT need to attend on Friday and you will save $50. You will have to show us your BIT card. If you can’t find your BIT card you MUST attend Friday.

DAY TWO (SATURDAY) – NRA basic pistol student course. If you have already taken the NRA basic pistol student course you do not have to attend Saturday and it will reduce your class fee by $50. (you must show us a copy of your certificate from the student course, if you don’t have your certificate you must attend Saturday).

DAY THREE (SUNDAY) – Day three is the NRA instructor course, everyone must attend day three.

ATTENTION: If you have already taken the NRA basic pistol student course or the BIT (basic instructor training) but can’t find your student basic pistol certificate or (BIT) card, you must attend all 3 days to take them again.

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