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NRA Instructor Course

Our NRA instructor course is the best in Texas. There is a reason why people from all across the state travel to get certified with us. The NRA instructor certification is needed to become a Texas license to carry instructor.

Before you can become a Texas LTC instructor you must take the NRA instructor course. Texas law requires this as a perquisite, there is no way around it. It’s a good thing you found us though because we make it super easy to get certified as a NRA instructor.

Our NRA instructor course is two days long. That’s right, you can get certified over a weekend. We make it super easy. We have owned and ran a firearms training center for 15 years.

The main reason people come from all over to get certified with us is because we provide them with our business plan, the same plan that has made us successful. We also teach you how we make thousands of dollars a month in passive income, you won’t get this from ANY other instructor course.

Most instructors are NOT business man and have no clue about all the revenue streams available to firearms instructors. We will set you up with the same companies we use to make thousands of dollars a month in passive income. It’s easier than you think…

Ready to Take the NRA Instructor Course?

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