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LTC Instructor Locator

LTC Instructor Locator

If you are a Texas LTC Instructor you need to be listed in our LTC Instructor locator. Potential students across the State of Texas use our locator to find an instructor in their area. The instructor locator is on our main website, before signing up make sure you are not already in it by searching for yourself HERE.

Our LTC instructor locator comes up in searches statewide so you wan t to make sure you are in it. We first created it to help our online students locate instructors to complete the range portion of the course but it has grown into a valuable resource helping students locate instructors statewide, including for in person classes.

Instructor Locator

The instructor locator we created is a thousand times better than the list of instructors on the DPS website, we make it easy for students to locate an instructor in there local area in seconds. There is NO cost to be listed in our locator, it is a resource we made available to all LTC instructors.

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