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Is The Texas LTC Shooting Test Hard?

Texas LTC Shooting Test

No. The Texas LTC shooting test is on a basic level and most new shooters pass with ease. The main purpose of the shooting proficiency part of the course is to show safe handgun handling skills. The scoring part of the shooting proficiency is easy and everyone gets the required score needed to pass.

As long as you know the basics of handgun use like loading your magazine, racking the slide and how to safely operate your handgun you will do fine. You will get at least the min required score to pass the shooting proficiency test. It really is that easy.

Texas LTC Shooting Test

The actual shooting proficiency consist of “timed” shots at different distances. Don’t let the “time” scare you, it is plenty of time and is longer than you think. Most new shooters pass without any trouble. You will probably get the shots off with time left.

LTC Shooting Distances

You will shoot different strings at different distances. Regardless of where you take your LTC class the shooting proficiency will be the same by state law. Although you shoot from different distances most shooters have the required by the 7 yard line. See the distances below.

  • 3 yard line (20 rounds)
  • 7 yard line (20 rounds)
  • 10 yard line (10 rounds)

Required Handgun

State law now allows you to use of any handgun you like without restrictions for the Texas LTC shooting test. You can use a revolver or a semi auto and it can now be in any caliber you like, even a .22. We recommend using a handgun you are comfortable with. You can use your gun or a borrowed gun and some instructors have loaner guns.

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