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Handgun Laws In Texas

Handgun Laws In Texas

Carrying a Handgun

Handgun laws in Texas allow those who can legally own and posses handguns under federal and state law to carry them. How and where you can carry and the restrictions on carrying will depend on if you have a license to carry or not.

While you can generally carry a handgun in public without a license, there are a lot of restrictions and penalties that people with a license don’t have. If you are carrying a handgun in Texas without a license make sure you understand the handgun laws in Texas.

Those who carry a handgun with a license to carry have the most protections and can carry in a lot more places than those who don’t have a license. Getting the Texas license to carry (LTC) is the best way to carry and avoid all of the penalties and restrictions.

Buying a Handgun

To purchase a handgun in Texas you must be 21 years old and meet federal and state requirements. Only Texas residents can purchase handguns in Texas from a licensed dealer (FFL). When purchasing a handgun you will have to pass a background check. Those who have a Texas license to carry can purchase a handgun without a background check.

Private (person to person) handgun sales are also legal in Texas. While no background checks are required in person to person sales, it is against the law for a person to sell a handgun to a prohibited person. We recommend keeping a bill of sale if you sell a handgun in a private sale.

Carry License

Getting the Texas license to carry a handgun is easy. We offer the statewide online license to carry class that is required to get the Texas LTC. This course is approved by the Texas Department of Public Safety. You can get started now.

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