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Get Your Texas LTC Online

Get Your Texas LTC Online

Get your Texas LTC online by taking the official online Texas license to carry class. You can get certified online for your Texas LTC and the course is available 24/7. It is a self paced course and it is so easy that it has a pass guarantee. This is the official LTC course required by state law to get your license to carry a handgun in Texas.

Who Can Get a Texas LTC

Anyone can get a Texas license to carry as long as you can legally own and posses a handgun. Texas is a “shall issue” state meaning they have to issue the handgun license to anyone who meets the legal requirements. Convicted felons and those who can not legally purchase or posses firearms can not get a license to carry a handgun.

Texas Handgun License Application

The application for a Texas license to carry is submitted online on the DPS website. The course will guide you step by step on how to complete the application process. It’s fairly simple and is completed 100% online. After you apply for your Texas LTC, DPS will complete the background check and send you your license to carry via mail.

Online Texas LTC Class

You can get your Texas LTC online by taking the official class here. The online class is approved statewide and is required by Texas DPS to receive a Texas license to carry. The online handgun class is easy and can be taken 24/7 at your own pace.

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