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Get A Home Based FFL

Home Based FFL

Are you thinking about gettin a home based FFL? Getting a Federal Firearms License issued out of your home is easier than you think, it’s how we first started our company. We used a system that taught us how to apply and receive our home based FFL.

We even learned how to get around our cities residential code and it’s pretty easy. Anyone can do it and it works in every state. We started making full time money working part time from HOME. You will also be able to purchase your personal firearms at WHOLESALE! So how are the ways we made money?

Firearm Sales

We sold guns by appointment. People would order guns from us and we set the appointment for them to come pick them up. We also got a cheap table at gun shows and sold a ton of guns at gun shows. We would make several thousand dollars the weekend we did gun shows, it’s crazy.


We also made a lot of money doing transfers. Transfers are when someone orders a firearm from a online retailer and have to have it shipped to a local FFL. Firearms would come in and we charged $30 to do the background check (transfer). This was by appointment too. Getting a home based FFL was one of the best things we have done.

Home Based FFL

With a home based FFL not only can you buy firearms at wholesale you can also buy ammunition and firearms accessories at wholesale. It does not cost ANYTHING to set up accounts with all the major distributers, You will also learn how to set up these accounts and who the best distributors are.

People think you have to place big orders with these distributors BUT you don’t, you can place an order for ONE firearm if you like. See, most firearm manufacturers don’t allow their firearms to vary in wholesale price so everyone pays the same regardless if you order one or a thousand. (most don’t know this). All you need is a home based FFL.

Buy Direct at Wholesale! Make Extra Money from Home as well!

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