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Difference Between CHL & LTC

Difference Between CHL & LTC

What is the difference between a CHL & LTC? Nothing. They both refer to the same thing. Texas has changed the name of their license to carry since the laws changed. CHL “concealed handgun license” no longer exist, the handgun license is not called a Texas License to carry “LTC”. People still call it a CHL ands most will understand what it is.

Texas CHL

When the license to carry first came out we were restricted to only concealed carry. The license was called a concealed carry license or just “CHL”. the name made perfect sense at the time seeing all we could do was concealed carry.

Texas LTC

The Texas legislature changed the carry law in 2016 allowing for open or concealed carry. This led to a change of the license name since “CHL” no longer made sense. They changed the name to license to carry or “LTC”. So now the official name is Texas License to carry or “LTC”.

There are other names people use like CCW and CWP. Regardless if you refer to it as a CCW, LTC or CHL, most people will know what you are talking about. So while it’s technically a license to carry “LTC”, you can refer to it as what ever you want.

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