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Concealed Carry Insurance


Concealed carry insurance is a must have for everyone, even if you don’t carry everyday. If you are involved in a self defense incident, you will have to navigate the legal system and you may even be arrested initially.

Even if you are not arrested initially your case will still be presented to a grand jury. It is important to have an attorney handle every thing from the very start. An attorney can help insure that you get a “no bill” from the grand jury.

Right To Bear has the best coverage available and is the top nationwide provider of self defense coverage. When you join you get an emergency hotline number that is answered by an actual attorney 24/7. You will have your attorney on the phone before the police even arrive on the scene.

Not Insurance Backed

While people refer to it as (insurance), Right To Bear is NOT insurance backed. You want to AVOID any coverage that is backed by an insurance company. In the past few years have seen first hand why “insurance backed” self defense coverage will leave you rotting in a jail cell. A lot of the other big names in the industry are still insurance backed because it’s cheaper for them but avoid them at all cost. We recommend Right To Bear to you because it’s who we trust with our own families.

Membership Cost

Using our special rate link below, coverage is only $13 a month or $145 if you pay yearly. That’s it! Save even more by using discount code: PointBlank (all one word) on the final checkout page.That’s all it cost to get unlimited and uncapped criminal and civil defense coverage. For only $13 a month you will get peace of mind that if you ever have to defend yourself that you will be covered. Right To Bear has the best and most affordable coverage available.

What’s Included

As a member, 100% of your criminal and civil defense is covered plus all of the additional coverages at no additional cost, like expert witness and firearm replacement. You will receive your membership card with the emergency hotline number that is answered by an attorney 24/7.

You can also add multi state coverage to be covered in all 50 states and bail bond coverage for only $4 a month.

What’s Covered

100% unlimited criminal and civil attorney fees are covered upfront. If you ever have to defend yourself, your family or a third party, your criminal and civil defense is covered 100%. You will not pay anything out of pocket for attorneys.

All weapons are covered, not just firearms so it doesn’t matter if you defend yourself with a gun, baseball bat, knife or a frying pan. You are covered.

Expert witnesses are covered. If you need an expert witness to speak on your behalf in court, it is covered 100%.

Firearm replacement is included. If your firearm is confiscated (and it will be), Right To Bear will replace it. No cost to you.

Accidental discharge is covered. If you ever have an accidental discharge of your firearm and face charges, you are covered 100%. This coverage is important to have and Right To Bear is one of the few that cover accidental discharges.

Psychology support is covered. Being involved in a self defense incident can be hard to deal with mentally. If you need to talk to a professional you are covered.

Discounts to industry partners. As a member you get discounts to industry partners like Palmetto State Armory and a lot of others.

Peace of mind. You get peace of mind knowing that you are covered should you ever have to defend yourself or your family. Priceless.

Multi state coverage. You can add multi state coverage for only $4 a month and you will receive all of the coverage in all 50 states. This is great if you travel out of state a lot.

Bail bond coverage. You can add bail bond coverage for only $4 a month. This covers bail up to 100k.

Minor children coverage. You can add minor coverage children for only $4 a month. If you have minor children at home that may be old enough to use a weapon to defend the home you may want this coverage.

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