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Concealed carry insurance is a must have for everyone, even if you don’t carry everyday. If you are involved in a self defense incident, you will have to navigate the legal system and you may even be arrested initially.

Even if you are not arrested initially your case will still be presented to a grand jury. It is important to have an attorney handle every thing from the very start. An attorney can help insure that you get a “no bill” from the grand jury.

U.S. LawShield is a Texas based company and is the ONLY concealed carry insurance provider that has a 24/7 ATTORNEY answered hotline, all other use a receptionist or call center. With U.S. LawShield you have your attorney on the phone before the police arrive.

Membership Cost

U.S. LawShield coverage is $131 or $10 a month if you pay monthly. That’s it! You will also get 2 months free and a price lock guarantee by using promo code: pointblank HERE.

What’s Included

With your membership, 100% of attorney fees are covered. You get a membership card with two numbers on it. An emergency number that is answered 24/7 by an attorney and a non emergancy number you can call for any gun or carry related questions. You also get access to training videos and you will be kept up to date on the firearms laws in your state.

You can also add multi state coverage to be covered in all 50 states and bail band, expert witness coverage super cheap.

What’s Covered

You are covered if you ever have to use force or deadly force to defend yourself or a third party. ALL weapons are also covered, not just firearms. So it doesn’t matter if you defend yourself with a firearm, knife, baseball bat and even a frying pan. All legal weapons are covered.

Promo Code

Use promo code pointblank and get two months free plus a price lock guarantee here.