Texas LTC Instructor

Oct 9, 2019

Are you ready to become a Texas LTC instructor? Texas license to carry instructors are needed in every city in Texas. Anyone wanting to get a license to carry must take a class from a Texas LTC Instructor. You can make great money part time as a Texas license to carry instructor. When we first…

Online Texas License To Carry Class

Jun 11, 2019

The online Texas license to carry class is available to everyone across the entire State of Texas. Texas now allows the Texas license to carry class to be taken online. We are Texas DPS certified LTC instructors. We are the Texas Department of Public Safety approved online course provider for the State of Texas. The…

Texas License To Carry

Mar 26, 2019

To get your Texas license to carry (also known as an LTC), you must first take the class required by State law. A Texas license to carry is required to carry concealed or open in Texas. It will also allow you to carry in 37 States total so it’s great to have while traveling too.…