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License To Carry Instructor

Anyone can become a Texas license to carry instructor. The process and certifications needed to become a Texas LTC instructor are easy to get and only basic handgun skills are needed. You just have to know what steps to take and where to get the certifications needed.

Before we get to the process, let’s talk about being a Texas license to carry instructor from a business standpoint. There is a need for a Texas license to carry instructor in every single city in Texas. Most cities have several.

You can actually make a full time income working one day a week. When we started we made more teaching the LTC class once a week than we did at our full time job. This all depends on how much effort you put into filling your classes.

Besides teaching the official LTC class you can also teach other classes like basic pistol and several other classes that you will also be certified to teach with the certification needed to become a Texas LTC instructor. Let’s get to the requirements needed to get certified.

To enroll in the Texas DPS LTC instructor course you MUST ALREADY be a NRA certified firearms instructor. This certification is EASY to get in our two day course, this is the course that we teach and people from all across Texas come to take our course. Our NRA instructor course meets the prerequisite requirement to become a Texas LTC instructor.

Why Take Our Instructor Course

There is a reason why people travel from all across Texas to take our NRA instructor course. We offer them something no other instructor course in Texas can offer. We set you up with the ability to offer the ONLINE Texas LTC class statewide. You do not even have to be certified by DPS to use our custom system. You can start offering the ONLINE LTC course immediately.

This is the biggest money maker in Texas and we have instructors that make thousands a week using our system and you can too. We are worth the drive.

Becoming A Certified Texas LTC Instructor

Step One:

Take our NRA instructor course. Texas law requires you to be a NRA instructor before you can become a Texas license to carry instructor. Every LTC instructor in Texas is a NRA instructor. Click on the link below to sign up for our NRA instructor course.

Step Two:

Take the two and a half day Texas DPS certified LTC instructor course. This course is also super easy and we will prep you for this course in our NRA instructor course and show you how to sign up for it.

After you receive both of these certifications they are easy to maintain. It takes some traveling and money to get them but it is easy street after that. You will probably make back your cost in your first two classes. Click on the link below to take the first step.